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The differential is the part of your vehicle's drivetrain that enables your left and right wheels to turn at different speeds when making turns. The differential is positioned between two wheels and attached to each wheel by an axle shaft.

Differential Service (rear wheel drive)

The differential, or “rear end” of your car is what actually gets the engine power connected to the ground through the rear wheels. The gears inside the differential turn at up to 5000 time a minute and strain against the full weight of your car and whatever you are towing. These high stress gears are lubricated by about 3 quarts of oil with no filtering system.


Most manufacturers recommend that the differential gear oil be changed on a periodic basis ranging from 30 to 50 thousand miles. Considering that there is no filter to keep the differential fluid clean we recommend the fluid be changed at least every 30,000 miles and more often if you tow very much.







Differential Services


If you believe there is a problem with the differential in your car or truck, bring it to our shop and let one of our professionally trained and certified technicians peform a complete differential diagnosis to determine what is causing your problem and to get the problem fixed.


The fluid in your vehicle's differential plays a vital role in keeping the ring gear, pinion gears, and axle bearings lubricated and cooled. The technicians at J&C Transmission Shop recommend changing your differential fluid every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.


Our shop keeps a wide range of differential parts in stock for both foreign and domestic vehicles.


During the rebuilding of your differential all parts are carefully inspected and replaced if necessary with only the finest quality parts and components.


4 Wheel Drive, or all wheel drive

Four Wheel drive vehicles have 2 differentials and a transfer case. The transfer case connects the transmission to both the front and rear differentials. The service recommendations for the second differential are the same as a 2 wheel drive car or truck. The transfer case is serviced on the same schedule as the transmission. If you use your 4 wheel drive off road, especially in muddy conditions it needs to be serviced much more often.