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Judith Bolton

August 2015


I recommend Rolman and this shop without reservation.  He is honest and thorough.  He showed us the parts that needed replacing and explained the process.  The total cost of rebuilding my transmission was lower than his originally estimated, which was a plus!  C & C Transmissions is a locally owned business.  Excellent shop!



Callum Malone

October 2015


My truck broke down going up the San Bernardino Mountains on a Sat night. I parked on the mountain pull off and camped out. Drove it down the mountain and found out everything was closed on Sundays. Anyway got to my truck Monday. And went for a ride with the boss. He said there is nothing to be done but a rebuild. Its and 1987 ranger I paid 600 for and it lasted me across the country from PA. So I thanked him for his time and left. But nice and courteous. Support a stand up mechanic. 

Daniel Langford


December 2015



   The transmission in my 97 Dodge Dakota unexpectedly overheated after exiting the freeway and once I came to a stop to let it cool down I found that I had irregular shifting, slipping gears and no reverse. I performed simple maintenance to try getting it going again but I eventually found that I needed a pro. After talking to a few trans shops in the area I happened upon J & C and knew I had found the place. Firstly, this shop is clean and organized just like their website depicts. I saw cars on lifts that were owned by businesses and even saw a police vehicle. I decided to have my truck towed to his facility that same day just before he closed. 

   The next morning at 9:30 a.m. I received a phone call at work. My trans was already removed and inspected. The diagnosis - I had a clogged trans cooler which stopped all hydraulics to the trans which then of course burned it up. He offered to show me what had happened in person if I preferred but I wasn't worried about his integrity so I asked him to move forward with his repairs. He began running a flush on the cooler and installing an overhaul kit as well as some other necessary parts.

   On Thursday at about noon I received another phone call from Rolman. I initially thought that something else must be wrong but he was actually calling to tell me my truck was finished. Are you kidding me? I figured this job would take a few days minimum, but he only needed 24 hours.


   My truck shifts like it's new again... I'm soo pleased.


                                         Pricing was fair and reasonable. Service was unbeatable! Thank you Rolman and crew!



J Mills

March 18, 2016


              Excellent service - integrity-timeliness A real find.. 5 cars serviced all well.

Leonard Franklin

Febuary 17, 2016


             Great work !

Tom C. Banning Ca.

May 19, 2016


          I needed to have my 2010 Ford F 150 Transmission serviced. I checked with 2 other shops in the area. Did not feel right about what they were telling me. I called J. C. Transmission about my truck and they were very honest and it looked to be the best shop to take it to for service.

When it comes to Transmissions there is no better place to take your Vehicle for repair. This is why all there reviews are so very good.

Thank You Roman, and Crew & the nice Lady in the office for being so Great, It's so hard to find that kind of service today.

Thank You so much Tom

Duke O. Carmel Ca.

June 10, 2016


           Rolman was honest, knowledgable and patient in his own way. They waited for me when I arrived late, let me watch the mechanic working on my vehicle and took time to explain to me what was going on step by step. If I wasn't moving in a week I would definitely be a repeat costumer.

Thank you to Cecilia and Esteban who were both extremely friendly and a wonderful pleasure to do business with.

Paul N. Yucaipa Ca.

January 28, 2016


             It is rare these days to find an honest mechanic especially when it comes to transmission work. These people are above honest. We are very pleased with their service, we will be back and we will recommend them to everyone we know.


Sandy G, 08/29/2014


                    My brother referred me to this shop. For almost a year I have had trouble with my 1999 S-10 Blazer 4WD. A grinding gear noise when the trans was under any type of strain, i.e. mountain driving, 3000 rpm acceleration, speeds over 65-75mph. No one could diagnose the problem. Just one day at Roman's and problem was found. Another mechanic that had replaced my head gasket and performed a valve job, in Feb. 2013, had reattached a vacuum line directly to the 4WD actuator, (which activates the part-time gear to engage the 4WD), rather than to the 4WD switcher. So my car was trying to engage the 4WD when under stress!!! The grinding noise was the part-time gear trying to lock in the 4WD. (He gave me the gear, it was all chewed up.) The only reason it wasn't doing it all the time, was because the actuator diaphragm had a small tear in it, so it wasn't working until there was enough vacuum created by putting my car under those stresses I mentioned above. So, after Roman installed a new vacuum actuator, new part-time gear, new spider gear, new carrier bearings, new transfer case switch, new input shaft transfer case seal, new front deferential case seals, and all the fluids needed it runs great! I've already tested it in the mountains. No problems. Thank you so much, Rolman!! I will refer all my friends! 

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Mark D, 04/11/2014


                 This shop was referred to me by my best friend who is very cheap so I was skeptical. The shop is a type A's dream. So clean!!!!! I own a found on road DEAD 08 edge AWD. I AM a stickler for service but poor design is poor design. I brought my car in because it was leaking oil. The transfer case axel seal was the culprit. My regular service guy had overfilled it. Roman replaced the seal and two weeks later fluid was blowing out the case vent. I brought it back. Roman did some research and there is no real way to totally remove all the fluid because there is no drain plug. Ford has no scheduled maintenance for the PTU SO THEY JUST BLOW UP I had fluid vacuumed out. Usually you just fill them to the bottom of the fill whole. Not! Thy only get 16 oz. Roman removed the unit on his dime and time drilled a drain hole for me filled the unit up and installed a hose on the vent and piped it to the engine compartment like thy do on awd vehicles that traverse water. No more leaks this shop is AAA rated by me 10 stars. 


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mountaintrooperz, 10/12/2011   This is how you do business!!!...


                                       This is how you do business!!!! If you don’t use J&C Transmission or Tim’s Transmission you’re the fool. Here’s my story. I had my transmission rebuilt to my 2001 Isuzu Trooper back in July of 2011. I used a small shop called Tim’s Transmission in Derry NH. That right New Hampshire. I drove the Trooper across the country the first week of October 2011. When I got to Las Vegas the transmission starting acting up! I got to my home in California and called Tim’s Transmission and explained the issues. I got a 12 month 12k unlimited warranty. He without hesitation asked me to look for a reputable shop. I did a Google search and J& C came up with 5 stars. I gave the number to Tim and he called them and talked with Rolman. Tim and Rolman discussed the potential issue and between the two of them made arrangement to take care of my issues. I dropped my car off and 4 hours later I got a call from Rolman, the Trooper was ready to pick up. At zero cost to me and I mean Zippo! Nadda!! NOTHING! Tim’s Transmission and J&C (who didn’t even have any responsibility to my issue) corrected the matter and got me back on my way. WOW this is almost not heard of in this day and age. Tim thanks again you’re a man of great integrity and to you; Rolman and J&C “Mucho Gracias” you have a top notch shop. 

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David N, 10/23/2014


                  12 years ago I took my Toyota Avalon to JC for a rebuilt transmission.. I have been using him ever since then. I have used him for my Dodge Diesel, my Toyota Sienna Van, and taken my mother's car to JC. I use him for everything, brakes, tune-ups, electrical, If Rolman cannot fix the problem he knows where to go. He is very fair on his pricing, I have referred all my family members, my friends and have never had a complaint. I will continue to use JC... Rolman is the best in my book... David

Matt K, 10/07/2014              


        A friend Referred me because my transmission was throwing a code and the transmission would go into limp mode which is when the transmission is stuck in 3rd gear and after 2 other transmission shops couldn't fix my problem and told me that is was in the wiring took it to J & C they took care of the problem after trying a couple normal problems that throws the code and figured out the valve body was bad fixed it and I haven't had a problem since this is all on a 2001 chevy silverado 1500. I would recommend this shop to anyone with a transmission issue because I will be coming back to them. 

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John E. Frainee, 12/20/14

Redlands CA


                  When our 2001 Lexus ES 300 was not able to go into reverse one morning and after getting totally jacked around by a local butcher transmission shop, I decided it was time to do some real homework. The difference between where I'd been and what I found at J & C Transmission was like the difference between lip service and the lost art of real service. Rolman is a man of integrity who does exactly what he says he'll do down to the very last detail. The best automotive service that I've ever experienced!

Dennis Wolf, 11/29/2014


                    We recently drove our 05 Trailblazer to New Mexico to attend our granddaughters 1st birthday.  On our return home while bucking a headwind and pulling the grade into Grants New Mexico we lost 4th gear (overdrive).  We looked in Grants for a transmission repair shop and found the only one.  He was too busy to work on the Trailblazer so we limped another 60 miles into Gallup New Mexico where we found another transmission repair shop.  By the time we arrived in Gallup we only had 1st & reverse.  The shop ran a diagnostic and said the transmission was “toast.”  Their basic cost to rebuild was $1,100.00, but it could run over $2,500.00 depending on what they found once inside and they might not be complete with the repair for several days, if they had to get parts from Albuquerque. 

At that point we decided to rent a truck and trailer to bring the Trailblazer back home for repair, which we were able to do thanks to U-Haul.  The day after arriving home I got on the Internet to look for local transmission repair shops.  I found several in the area, read their reviews and started calling.  J & C were the 3rd on my list to call.   While reading J & C’s reviews noted Royce Bell had written a good review.  I’ve known Royce for years and know he does not hand out a good review for nothing.  I called J & C and spoke to Rolman.  Rolman had me describe the problem (as did the others I called) and quoted me a no-ups-no downs replacement cost with a one year guarantee/warranty.  I told Rolman that I still needed to check some more shops and would get back to him.  After talking to a couple more shops, I called our mechanic at Tire Pro’s to see who they would recommend.  Tire Pro’s (Walt) recommended J & C as their go to shop.

To make long story short (J & C) replaced the transmission and gave us an additional discount for being a Tire Pro’s customer.  J & C were not the lowest price I found, but the only shop that provided a no-ups-no downs replacement cost.  The transmission replacement was completed in 1 day and so far so good.

B.Y. 12/22/14

Redlands CA


                  Been here several times over the past few years. Knowledgable mechanic. He has solved problems that we couldn't get done right elsewhere. He has been honest and only fixed exactly what needed fixing. Fair pricing. He seems to enjoy his work.

Michelle B, 11/19/14

Riverside CA 

                  The quality of work and customer service at J&C was incredible.  I called to ask questions when my 2006 4Runner started making what sounded like a terrible transmission noise.  Rolman was very knowledgable and patiently answered ally questions.  When I took the car in, we went for a drive together to hear the noise and see how it ran.  With his wealth of experience, Rolman was 99% sure what the problem was.  He quoted me a fair price and promised the car would be done by Wednesday.  He called later that night to say it was the lesser problem and that the cost would be even less.  The car was ready on Wednesday as promised and hasn't had any problems in the month since then.  I will definitely take all my vehicles to Rolman for our service needs from now on.

Marion L.  2/11/2015


Yucaipa CA            


        Just had my transmission repaired at J & C Transmission Shop in Redlands and I must say it was a very pleasant experience. The shop itself appeared very clean and organized. Roman was able to repair the transmission instead of doing a complete rebuild saving me a lot a money. He had the car done in two days and it is running great. He even had me take it for a test drive before paying him. He had no problem with it being a Saturn, other places I called didn't even touch Saturns. I would refer anyone with transmission problems to this business. Thank you Roman and staff. 


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Ray E.  3/2/2015


Highland CA            


        I have never experienced service and honesty like I have at JC transmissions. Rolman diagnosed the problem with my truck with me standing right there. The Dodge dealership in Sanbernardino took 2 days to tell me they need an additional 1600.00 to diagnose the problem with my transmission. That was not including fixing the problem.Rolman fixed my trans in less than 2 days and charged me 948.00. It doesn't stop there, I was late arriving to the shop and he waited for me. He had me test drive it before I paid  


Kial D.  4/26/2015




        Wow, Rolman is a maestro in a transmission. I had a throw out bearing go, I took my jeep to him, and he got me quality American made parts, a nice new clutch plate, a new clutch assembly, and a new shifter grommet for my jeep, and a tranny fluid flush/replacement and installed all for under 700 bucks. She shifts like a dream now. You'd be foolish to go anywhere else if you are close to Redlands. I knew the problem and relayed it "those guys on the other side of the highway" and they quoted me at 1200 to start. Roman and his employees are efficient, ethical, experts. I dropped it off on a Thursday afternoon and picked it up on Saturday morning. I couldn't have found better if I tried. I got lucky and saw his shop sign from the highway, read his Google reviews, and gave him a shot and am very happy I did. A true professional. 


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Steve Lozano  4/7/2015


Beaumont CA            


        When I needed my transmission fixed Rolman had my truck back to me the next day. J&C was referred to me by my grandpa. Rolman has done work on all my grandpas and uncles vehicles and I'm glad I came here the shop is clean, very organized, fast and friendly. My truck is my only vehicle and Rolman understood the inconvenience of not having a vehicle. He kept me up to date with the repairs and showed me the exact repairs had done. I definitely recommend J&C customer service like this is rare.  


Robert Frost  6/26/2015






Jim P. 7/13/2015


Redlands CA            


        As with the other reviews, the experience I had with Rolman was outstanding and his honesty was amazing.  Took my car to several places and they all told me I need a complete overhaul of my transmission- $1,800 to $2,400.  Found J & C online and took it in.  Roman explained to me what it might be and how to test it at home.  He thought the band might be broken and that would cost around $700 bucks.  After he took off the pan he found the adjustment screw came out.  New screw, new fluid and filter....$300.  I would have been thrilled with $700 but he fixed what the problem was.  I would have never known.  Highly recommend J & C for any auto repair.  Thanks Rolman!!

Royce Bell March 24, 2012


                                       Rolman was recommended to me by an employee of the City of Redlands, who is also a mechanic and has utilized the services of J&C for many years. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a relatively simple diagnosis revealed a problem that could be fixed at a nominal cost. The local Chrysler dealer said I needed a a cost of $5000. Rolman fixed the problem and even with a new motor mount and alternator, the cost was only $770 (and change). Rolman could have charged me for a transmission job, but did not! Highly recommended, if you are looking for a good mechanic. His shop is spotless! 


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